In 2016 What Hi-Fi? celebrated its ruby anniversary. After 40 years in the game, we took a moment for a nostalgic look back at four decades of home entertainment. And in so doing, we arrived at a list of our 40 favourite products of all time: the What Hi-Fi? Hall of Fame.

We’ve since been adding a product every year, assuming we find one worthy, as part of the annual What Hi-Fi? Awards.

A lot has happened in the past decades. We’ve seen the birth and death of numerous products and formats – from Betamax to LaserDisc, Discman to MiniDisc.

Follow the links below to refresh your memory with our pick of some of the most influential consumer electronics products of the last 40+ years. This is the kit that went beyond good to achieve landmark greatness. This is the very best of hi-fi, home cinema and portable entertainment. Enjoy…

The Hall of Fame decade-by-decade



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